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Todays ride

Going there via shops.

To station
Chermside to Virginia

Coming back through the shopping centre

Bike track3

such a beautiful day to go and check out the distance and time to the Virginia Station.

It’s nearly all the way there on the bike track.

See the two little fur people and their mummy met on the way. Both had been rescue dogs.

The lady was saying that the one I am cuddling there wouldn’t walk when she first got her. She had to pram her everywhere, till one day she got up and walked. Apparently the poor little thing was depressed .

Bike track2

Bike track

Bike track6


Below was yesterdays Peddling adventure




I thought I would add this link here as it was these two fun carts that gave me an introduction as to how good I felt low down and with my legs horizontal. I still hadn’t seen my first recumbent trike though.


I have ridden here to check out the route and timing. Should have started from the platform negotiating the lifts.

Now to head back through the parkland bike track.

Virginia railway station


You can check them out here.


two Crows

5 oclock somewhere.

Just love my new trike flag from Julia up at Bowen. Perfect. Thank you.

5 oclock somewhere

De Nephew made it


adam run

There he is, my younger sisters son achieving a very challenging run.

Gotta love that photo.

Good on you Adam.


At Maryborough markets.

Raising awareness and money for cystic Fibrosis.

looking good.

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