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Outdoor bathroom cover



How’s that for magical recycling. This is over an outdoor bath and shower area.

Memories, anyone remember going to my old Gallery,/shop. Open for 17 years in that darling little villiage called Bauple.
Friends own it now and are turning it into a delightful private residence that is developing a personality of it’s own.
Now in the town there is the Vintage Rose Cottage in Mill Street where you can have a tour through1 house 2 cottages with Rose themed whimsicalities tumbling everywhere and Devonshire tea for $20.00 pp.
Ph: Kathy 041964146.
The local Museum

Bauple Day Spa 0418785305.

Camp8ng mary river fest-1

Moon Dragons all set up


The camp.

Barry john

Barry the Bauple muscician and John

Jo n mary

Jo n john

Mary river f

Entertainment at the gates.

Awe, John n Jo.

The Magic of belief


Hip op

Create a vision, hold that thought. Revisit it often.

Take the first baby steps and it will happen.


Long term aim, a trip around New Zealand. Maybe in a couple of years.


The request landed on http://www.brisbanecyclist.com/group/bentriders for a recumbent trike to be used in an advert. I could hear the shrill screams of Pick me, pick me, coming from the balcony where Moon Dragon 2 was chillin’ out till her next Big Adventure. Who was I to stem her primal need to test the outer reaches of her abilities.

I phoned and at first it seemed another type was needed. Then the call back happened and we prepared.

Lucky I packed coffee as I was astounded to find that in such a creative enviroment there was none to be found. That said ,the greatest cordiality was offered.

Would we do something like that again? You Bet!

The stirring of the elements begins. That’s Paul, Damien and Margo.


The perfect angle and height.


Me trike(2
My turn to be Goofy.

Mad sc

Damien Bredberg setting a scene to later be Photoshopped as the mad scientist/nerd in his garage for the Lenovo new product launch.


Complete gentle care was taken of my side kick, Moon Dragon 2 as she was lowered back down.

It was fortunate too that in the removing of the solar panel for the shoot it was discovered that last weeks tumble had broken the soldering or welding on the two holding posts when I tumbled. Not completely. I am considering a 45 degree corner peice to strengthen rather than having to remove the solar panels again, or maybe a good amount of strong solastic that would provide some flexibility as I bump along rough surfaces.


Yesterday I saw the world through the eyes of a superb photography production team. The genius behind it all being Damien Bredberg.
I had another reason to let Moon Dragon 2 off the leash and she savoured every moment.
I think this part of Damiens web site spotlights how he achieves his end results very well..




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