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No Tykes on Trikes

T.J. Mckeown, a 57-year-old retired massage therapist from Palm Bay, Fla., fell and hurt his shoulder while riding a conventional bike last year. He bought a recumbent trike and says he’ll never go back to an upright. Mr. Mckeown rides up to 200 miles a week, including the Sundays he spends with a group of buddies called the Recumbent Rangers.

On regular bikes, “you start noticing pain in your wrist and your neck and certain areas of your anatomy that we won’t get into,” Mr. Mckeown says. “The trikes, there’s none of that.”

Penn Jillette, the speaking partner in the magician duo Penn & Teller, says that riding his recumbent trike around his Las Vegas neighborhood is like wearing leather pants: “You feel like a superstar, but you look like a dweeb,” he says. “People aren’t used to trikes, but I love mine. I feel like [Jimi] Hendrix when I’m riding it, and I don’t care what I look like.”

Recumbent trikes are a tiny fraction of the $6 billion U.S. cycling industry. But trike manufacturers and sellers say business is booming, driven by baby boomers who have discretionary income and are unwilling or unable to weather higher-impact activities like running. Many trikes cost $1,000 to $3,000 or more.

Jack’s Bicycle & Fitness, an 80-year-old, family-owned shop in Dearborn, Mich., started selling recu



Flat tire

Tire change

It had to happen somewhere and I was glad to be in a city where I could have the tube replaced with out too much drama.

Dave to the rescue at Wilcox bikes.

Dear Santa,

I dont want to seem greedy but I have come accross another suitable steed for my stables.



Full Fat 1(1)

This is the off road version with the grunt of a gator.
I will be a very good girl santa.

Camping bliss in Bauple




Bike Smarts


We need this here too.
What struck me was that Americans have a missing childhood developmental stage of being an infant, a toddler, and a child on a bike before they get on a bike independently. And even though little Americans are propped up in a baby trailer or behind the rider’s seat, they still miss what parents in Belgium and the Netherlands teach their kids.The difference is in plain sight: the child is up front on the handlebars or on a cross bar. When the bicyclist enters the traffic pattern, the child bobs and weaves and tilts with the parent. The kid gets imprinted with confrontations on the bike, slow-downs for intersections, people passing, people stopping, all that stuff that experienced riders know after years of riding. All that experience helps develop two key traits for a life of civilized cycling: anticipation and courtesy.If you spend a year and a half as a preverbal kid riding on a bicycle, that’s something you don’t get later. That’s a hard wiring..
End quote. Go read the whole article.


Love it when my servant/ human brings me back up the mountain so I can pra ctlce some seriously elegant Chilling. Bring me my pipe and slippers , thanks.

Went to Church last Sunday

Yup and the walls didst cave in.

I was a tiny tot when I last went to a mass service with my Irish Aunty Agnes . She was a lovely old soul so of course those experiences were fun.

Roll down the years and I have popped in and meditated when I have found open door churches of any domination.

Also I spent a bit of time sketching some a while back.

But this time I went off to mass and enjoyed the whole experience. The people were friendly and it was Saint Francis celebration of ecology day with petting zoo and all.

1521257_10152479153743992_1547196143607706675_n t st f

st f  st fff

You can see from there it was fun.

The Little flower Church, sitting on a hilltop in Kedron with panoramic city views was embellished with enough lovely glass work to give it that sacred churchy statement . Love a good bit of stained glass.Come to think of it how could a Church Called Little Flower get all stuffy.

I will attend ladies get together meeting thismorning and see how that goes. I met a delightful lady called Jill who invited me.

Ofcourse that is another excuse to ride my recumbent trike and loosen up the limbs,gulp huge amounts of oxegyn and get bathed in endorphins. Go cycling.


I was with a small group of friends sketching then and we did a few churches, one inside. Jellybean would accompany me.

Two things put a quick finish to that. I think I lasted 3 months. One I would get migrain headaches after and 2 , I would need a pee after a while and often if we were sketching out doors they simply weren’t around. Now if I was a guy…….

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