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Almost there.


There it is. My recumbent being tested by the maker Ian Sims and his wife Yan from Green Speed recumbent s.


Very soon to be loaded onto a pallet and trucked up from Melbourne to Brisbane.

1,047 miles / 1‚ÄČ685 km .

I shall be one happy little ducky on it’s arrival.

The owner of GreenSpeed Recumbent Trikes has told me I will probably get mine next week.

I feel like ET ready to ride to the moon. As it will be all yellow I think I call her Moon Dragon Two.

Jason speeding
Go jason
No not a nice thing to happen, but these times bring family and friends together.
I got to do a little mothering, something that there isnt often the opportunity to do at our ages.
There he is rebonding with JB’$ and grocery shopping on my scooter.
As he has diabetes it is a bit worrisome.

I got the chance to introduce him to the benifits of turmeric, cinnamon and a pinch of black pepper in warm milk. Also that cinnamon helps specifically with diabetes. I put together a plastic container with those items and instructions.
I have crushed dried comefrey leaves and will package them with vaseline and bandages so that when his cast comes off he can apply a compress.
I have one last physio appointment for my broken arm . Those ingredients worked well for me. The physiotherapist said my healing is amazing.

Me harp(1)
love music. I will practice and practice. So great to have something to do with my hands.

Full Moon magic on the mountain. Special time with my soon to be neighbours Grant and Gavin.

Recumbent trike

Aparently all my recumbent trike needs now is the solar panel roof.

legal dog protection.

Really great news for dogs and their families

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