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To the people of Sydney

My heartfelt wishes that you should be held in love in the aftermath.


Peace and love be with you.


Awaiting the call that will say my new motor and wheel have arrived at 99 Bkes and to take my trike around to get put back together.

Waiting with little butterflies in my stomach.i

I had purchased a smart phone twice from Ikoala and found them faulty, one being a replacement for the first.

There was no hesitation. First to rep[lace one and then to refund for the second one.

Thank you Ikoala.com.au ‘s great staff. I will continue to shop with you.

Trike’s motor has arrived

I have word that the motor has finally landed.

So looking forward to getting back in the saddle as soon as possible.

In the meantime I am enjoying the Chermside pool and getting a little fitter all the time.

New member of the family.

Meet Mc’Guinness Arthmael Adora-Bear, he came to me on top of a huge hamper I won at a church I sometimes grace with my apearance. Actually they are lovely new friends I made and get to play scrabble with sometimes.



The siblings have adjusted to each other smoothly.

And this was second prize. Heaps to share with family.

I will keep that especially cute bear for ever.

Jill mary teddy

That’s Jill with me who I class as a very special friend. She is a meeter and greeter and volunteer with the Samaritans .


Another day, another yawn !

More photos mummy, really

More photos mummy


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