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Bike for guests.

Its a cutie.
I bought it so friends can ride along beside me on my recumbent when it arrives.
Yes I am still waiting on delivery from Green Speed Melbourne.
Guest bike

1st pumpkin of season 2014
Still have to propogate them myself. Bees on strike.
I planted a few where the land was sliding. Hopefuly they will help slow down the slip so grass can grow up around.

20140717_170236A friendly protector I found on the side of the mountain road recently.

LND reminder

My little furman is in practicing retirement. This is as a result of my broken arm and the tick he had on him.
Jellybean is quite content at home. I love coming back to his loving greetings. Also I am feeling more independent so am considering letting him permanently stand down from active duty.
We certainly have great memoeries of many wonderful adventures.

Originally posted on Christian Music Makers:

You know what would really be interesting? If your church worship team had a genuine old lady playing guitar and singing as your worship leader. Most churches have young metrosexual white guys as worship leaders. Then the rest of the “praise and worship band” or “praise team” is mostly other white guys. There’s SUCH a lack of females on stage/the altar in churches! Why the hell aren’t there more Christian female musicians? And more women of color Christian female musicians in “white churches???”

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I was just watching this and it’s already available.
What a great singer and nice block.


This is the breakthrough song of his he is celebrating.

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