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Fire Place instalation

fire place going in
I can highly recommend this couple Damian and Kelly from

Coastal Canopy Cleaning & Chimney Sweeps
PO Box 94 Gympie QLD 4570
(07) 5482 8987
0466 249 558
fireplace instalation

mt fire place
These people are efficient and achieve exactly the outcome planned for.

Brisbane Mass Ride

Yes I definitely intend joining in. Should be heaps of fun.
Mass Ride

Which one is me?

For national Dig Day.
which one
Two of them are mummies slippers, can you guess which one is me?


Banning Bikes Not The Solution In Far North Queensland

30 JULY 2015

Bicycle Queensland strongly opposes a push to have bike riders banned from travelling on Far North Queensland’s classic scenic roads.

A Change.org petition is calling for bicycles and pedestrians to be prohibited from using the Kuranda Range Road, a stretch of road that connects Kuranda with Smithfield on the outskirts of Cairns.

In the reasons for the creation of the petition, it states that the presence of riders and pedestrians makes driving along the road more dangerous, hence the push for the ban.

But Bicycle Queensland CEO Ben Wilson says that the real way to ease traffic conditions would be to upgrade the Kuranda Range Road, rather than imposing a ban on bikes.

“Bikes belong on the road – banning them is a poor answer. What we need is better roads and better user management,” said Mr Wilson.

“Those opposing the presence of bikes should be lobbying for wider shoulders on the road as that is a proven way to increase safety for cars, heavy vehicles and bike riders.”

“Wider shoulders also help prevent road erosion – and it ends up being a win-win for all.’’

The banning of bikes along the road would also likely discourage riders from visiting the region.

“Department of Transport and Main Roads figures don’t show any serious cycling accidents on that particular stretch, but we know that cycle tourists head for the Cairns region specifically for the challenging and scenic riding the area offers,’’ said Mr Wilson.

“A ban would rob those people of the chance to experience the sights of Far North Queensland on a bike.”’

Bicycle Queensland was also happy to hear in a local media report that Member for Barron River Craig Crawford MP will not support the proposed ban on riders without proper consideration.

“We need to get more people out there cycling more often. Getting fit and healthy is the future of Queensland – not banning cycling from roads,” said Mr Wilson.

In my opinion….rediculous.

Dream visit to Sydney

I have been tied up with celebrations and family conections down in Sydney when my sister turned 60.
One of the high lights being a trip to Olympic Park area to have a riverside recumbent trike ride on a perfect sunny saturday morning.

This was courtesy of Craig Heads from
It was such an education as well as a heap of fun. Graig is just the loveliest of guys and clearly explains everything.


I now have a much better idea of my next trike, which will be off road.
HPV Scorpion Fs 26 Enduro
One of those with a few changes.
Then I can really start my longer adventures.

Car less societies

Cities are becoming far better places because they are less car-dependent. The six most walkable cities in the US are 38 per cent wealthier, they have a higher GDP than the rest.

I’ll vote for triking where ever possible. I love my Green Speed but want a highly suspended one for country riding.
Me and Jellybean63


Something like that.

My new hobby

While triking around this morning I bumped into a couple taking things into a building for wood working classes. I asked if I could have a look around. It was too early then so I went back later and discovered a lovely crew there including this lady Gerry who was working on a gargoyle.
I am hooked and will join in soon.Gerry

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