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Dream visit to Sydney

I have been tied up with celebrations and family conections down in Sydney when my sister turned 60.
One of the high lights being a trip to Olympic Park area to have a riverside recumbent trike ride on a perfect sunny saturday morning.

This was courtesy of Craig Heads from
It was such an education as well as a heap of fun. Graig is just the loveliest of guys and clearly explains everything.

I now have a much better idea of my next trike, which will be off road.
HPV Scorpion Fs 26 Enduro
One of those with a few changes.
Then I can really start my longer adventures.

Car less societies

Cities are becoming far better places because they are less car-dependent. The six most walkable cities in the US are 38 per cent wealthier, they have a higher GDP than the rest.

I’ll vote for triking where ever possible. I love my Green Speed but want a highly suspended one for country riding.
Me and Jellybean63


Something like that.

My new hobby

While triking around this morning I bumped into a couple taking things into a building for wood working classes. I asked if I could have a look around. It was too early then so I went back later and discovered a lovely crew there including this lady Gerry who was working on a gargoyle.
I am hooked and will join in soon.Gerry

The great cold was predicted by well by Higgins Weather forecasts so I prepared to just go with it. No snow here but some not too far away.
This is how Jellybean copes with it, by staying in bed till mid day at least.
14th July

That’s yesterday and this morning.
I went out for a ride on my trike and utilized the xcersize park. I was concerned about my scar pulling but it certainly didn’t.
A good heart starter on a morning like this.
The Bunting is there roping off new cycle paths being created.

Rode past this box now completed.

Parathyroid Op and LDN

My operation to remove one of my Parathyroids with sizable cyst in it is over. No more waiting.
I was in yesterday morning and out this morning. Everything ticked along fine.
I have felt no pain, apart from missing Jellybean of course.
The only sensation is that my neck feels as if it has a plaster over it holding the skin tightly together which of course it has, with a few stitches under it.
I was give a private room even though I was a public patient. My gosh I haven’t ever even had a plane up grade before so that was pretty special.
I stopped taking my 4.5 mgs of Low Dose Naltrexone 7 days before. It is supposed to be out of your system very quickly but Skip now suggests at least 6 days before stopping and having had no relief for that badly broken arm last year when there was no break in between I was more than prepared to stop early enough to let it out of my system.
I have just been looking up how long after wards and the suggestion is 72 hours. I will wait that long.
I have really had no side effects what so ever except just now I feel a little bit bla and hope that a ride on my trike tomorrow morning if it isn’t too cold will help that. Unfortunately our weather forecasts are for extreme cold soon.
So here goes for another new beginning.
Have you seen that new pilates machine that is out at Kmart and selling over TV. I need to do exersize as horizontally as possible because of my mobility issues and believe this would be the next best thing to add to my stable of Body benefiting units.
I am tossing up about ordering now or waiting a bit.

I have a beautiful bunch of Roses a girlfriend bought around and wonder if one night in hospital really earned the but am loving them.

I found that taking a recumbent trike ride early in the day after stopping the LDN just before the op helped a great deal. All those lovely endorphins from fresh air and excersize.
I am expecting the next two weeks to show some very good results in my health and well being.

About the Beans

These days he’s a little indoor pooch mainly. His arthritus played up badly after a trip out on my trike where he was more exposed to wind than I realised.
Jellybean is on anti inflamitory medicine now and soon will have a series of 4 Meticam injections that will treat the arthritus.He is a very happy contented little man now.
But first I have an operation tomorrow morning myself for a cyst on a parathyroid.After that I should have more energy than I have had in a long while.

…..anything goes.
imagine this……………..
bike burlington histor


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