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Temporary cover made from heated towel rack from the Geebung Tip Shop.

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2015 Gratitude
What a year.
My younger sister turned 60 in July and I got to travel down by train to Sydney which I thoroughly enjoyed.
It was a wonderful party that her son Adam MC’d at and other son Brad played beautiful ambient music at. It was great to see all the other family members who made so much effort to be there from as far away as NZ.
I installed a fireplace up the mountain at long last. The installers made it a smooth drama-less event. It looks good and works perfectly. A snuggly place to curl up in front of or even cook on.
I had many cycle rides and met new friends.
Kathy and Wayne had the loveliest of weddings at their Story Book Rose Cottage.
I got to stay and see over the land of other friends in Bauple who now own my old place and have done it up beautifully.
Went back to swimming at the local hot water pool.
Gardened my little heart out when I could growing some very sweet tasting and healthy vegetables.
Have been having continuing contact with all my special cousins and brothers and sisters here, in NewZealand and Ireland.
Christmas was special with Off-spring and family.
Jellybean and I are enjoying our elder years.
Have I forgotten anything?
2016 is bound to bring many new adventures.

Brisbane Recumbent community Annual 2015 Ride .The video

Riding for fun, health, transport and for community.

Time capsual for me

Today I am off to the University Dentist in the City. Haven’t been there for many years. 28 years ago I did the same thing after not long having arrived up in Brisbane from Sydney.It seems to be acting like a time capsule.
I remember sitting in the dentist chair looking at a lovely rain forest photo complete with frog on a stark white wall. I remember also thinking that I want this new chapter in my life to include lots of Bush, rain forests and working in harmony with mother earth.
There were lots of unexpected twists and turns. The inevitable jumping of cliff edges and finding that my theoretical parachutes opened in time.
Amazing adventures and very special friends made along the way.
I remember having such blind faith that I would have a life worth living.

And yes, I do look back on the craziest of times with fondness.
Now I am looking to a future that will probably stretch at least 30 years or so. Years enhanced by all the amazing technological advances that make independent living for older people so much easier.
I do love and appreciate my life.

Tools to repair Micro Quads


I had bought the small hand held magnifying glass to clean hair dog fur of propellers etc from the Cheap shop for $3.50 as an interim measure then ordered the head one from BIG W by free post as not all stores carry these sort of things.

I ordered it on 9th Nov and it arrived today. 8 days later.

Cost of $19.95.

You can see it has a battery powered light and several changes of lenses in that black box. I am happy with it.

My micro quad obsession

Replace blades ordered 1st 11th NOV  Ar 16 11 15
With the aim improving my dexterity and it’s working.I feel the flow of into practicing music.

On the 1st November 2015 I ordered 3 little Cheerson Quads and replacement parts fom various places on Ebay. I chose that particular quad from Youtube reviews. It has a choice of speeds and other great features plus was the cheapest of micros.

Today I recieved 4 sets of replacement blades multicoloured that also can be used on my FQ777 124 pocket Drones.

They cost me $2.50

This is the first of that order to arrive.

I was just watching this pilot dunking his Cheerson Quad in the fish pond thinking of the few times I accidentally landed my micros in JB’s water dish and panicking while leaving them in rice in the sunshine to dry out and nothing bad happening. I guess they are well sealed.
Quite durable tiny fun machines.
I have ordered several for the Grand Kids for Christmas.
Of course I am constantly having to clean the fur off the propellors and my vacuaming and washing of the floor is repeated constantly as entanglement of props stops them flying.
Value for money I would say is excellent.

Had to take my Moon Dragon1 , my ute to Gemini Panel Beaters and stopped for a coffee at Higher Grounds Coffee shop and had a really delicious Cupacino made by Peter. Browsed through some second hand shops, they have 3 there and passed by the still closed Indian Motor cycle Museum .The museum looked totally amazing from outside.

higher ground
It is all in close proximity to the Geebung Station and with the RSL there as well would make a lovely little place to take visitors.
I was happy to take my trike in the ute then unpack it to ride on home. As you can see I had my lovely 5 oclock somewhere flag but discovered the whole pol and flags gone and no sign of it even though I quickly back tracked. Maybe it’s on one of the High school kids bikes who were milling around the are there and making them safer.
panel beating 2

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