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Sitting having Devonshire tea watching the water dragons in the greenery beside a huge pond and fountains.



I love Atriums. Those toadstools made out of wood are so rustic looking.


What a splendid ceiling feature with that plant laden beam.


This place is only 5 k’s away from me but Sunday was my first visit. I triked up in the rain and bought to punnets of silver beet to grow. Silver beet is laden with vitamin K which helps you absorb vitamin D3.

I love go carts, kiting, bubble blowing and all those fun things. Just found this recipe for giant bubbles.

Giant Bubble recipe

http://pagingfunmums.com/2013/06/13/giant-bubble-recipe/  from that page.

Looking forward to trying it.

It’s a wet day thang!


Extreme cyclone battering South East Qld at the moment.

It seems to have passed over with out damaging my Gran-daughters family home up near Rockhampton. It has taken out a fence and their power though. So glad they are safe.

worshipping carrier

Getting the Beans comfortable with his safety carrier.
I leave a chair beside it and every now and then put some treats in it, in goes JB”s ,I zip it up and let him have a little rest in it. As you can see it’s becoming a Jellybean Shrine.
Training, slow but sure.

I am transporting it this way because I feel the dog trailer I bought is a bit risky. It will do if I go on overniters and can take a small tent etc.

Jellybeans Taxi

trike dog carrier

Testing out having the little fellow in the pink carrier behind my head.

Seems to work well.

trike dog carrier2

That was early morning coffee at the park.

Exhausted but happy. I triked into a meeting in King George Square today for a meeting held at The Groove Train restaurant.

So there I was peddling up an extremely steep hill with electric assist, but believe me you still have to peddle like a tigers on the loose behind you to get up the steepest slopes. Up ahead was a group of about 20 school girls I am guessing were ten years or so and their teacher. They all began clapping and saying you can do it, you can do it.
When I arrived in King George Square a few young men sitting around also applauded my arrival. I tell you, that machine is the most fun and intrigues everyone.
No wonder I went through withdrawal symptoms when it was off the road for those weeks.

Max the waiter you were excellent.

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