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Thankyou Franco

While I was out triking today I was silly enough to have a go getting off the road onto a footpath that had a very foreboding precipitous angle. Of course over I went on to my right side. Hardly had I hit the ground and was extracting my self ready to tip my recumbent trike right way up and a big black 4 wheel drive pulled up and the lovely lady driver, Franco got out and insisted on helping me.

Thank you very much Franco.

Making new friends

Nee friends

Had a great day yesterday at The Sebel Hotel yesterday meeting so many new ,interesting souls while gaining up-to date info on NDIS and so much more.

My head is still spinning from all I learnt.

Thank you to all who organized and attended this event.

In line




PawfectIt was a pawfectly wonderful day


I have fallen in love with this gorgeous way of having plants indoors. http://lefanciulle.blogspot.com.au/2014/04/diy-quick-dirty-kokedamas.html http://handmadelife.blogspot.com.au/2013/08/workshop-of-last-week.html 13968059924_81e61bbdb7_h 2266005b_2 lemon tree lemon 2   kokedama by top knot  at fair food store

Greener than some

Me and The Moon Dragon 2

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