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Service dog

I recently came accross these amazing machines and think a system to access a property at times land locked by an extremely steep private road would be well served by either of these set ups;


I get so much enjoyment and improved health from at last being able to get sustained excersixe on my recumbent trike that something like this would be the logical solution.

That’s my trike as a reminder
Me and Jellybean63

Bikes for Life

On one of my misadventures I was offered help by Milos from Bikes 4 life.
I meant to thank him on here and put a photo up but on reformatting that tablet I lost the pics I took.
It is a wonderful organisation that you can read about here.:
bikes wanted

Coming back from having my drealier fixed at 99 bikes today I passed this gnarley old ex Kiwi Trevor on his electri trike that his son bought at an auction and did up for him.
Luck me I got to try it. I still need the recumbent, lying down one for my legs though. It was good but seemed it would need more balance than the trike Bikes like my sister and bro inlaw over in Perth have. So many different choices and needs.
I had dropped with a huge impact over some concrete the other day and done the damage. Thanks Paul at 99 bikes for a great job once again.
After I broke it I was coming back up the elevator at this lovely young guy below who was visiting his mum got to work to see what he could do to fix it.
jai 1

jai 2

jai 3
Tha’s Jai and he is a Deisel Engineer in our Royal Navy.

Vet trip

dr Rebecca
Not a very good photo at the vets but Jellybean was a very brave boy and will be much happier now he is back on anti inflamitory meds.
Dr Rebecca was lovely.
Jellybean caught a chill when he was in his carry pac on the back of my trike 2 weeks ago and his old pains resurfaced.

Great place to call in and have a light meal.
I was passing there the other day and called in.
Enjoyed a beautiful cuppa and Quentins info.
They have acoustic nights and great art.
Quentin is one of the talented musicians to play there as well as Top notch Barrista

This young Lady was in there preparing her up and comming Art Exhibition.
Sylvie Joy. I was very impressed with the examples of her photography she showed me.

On Tuesdays trip to Paddington I stopped to get an enjoyable Chai Latte at this place.
I chatted to the smart young owner Braden and his mum earlier on when getting directions.
Love the decor which they organised them selves.




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