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Hot water for grey daysbSaltoff

Showers for drey days

Life can feel somewhat restricted after solar hot whater runs out after several bad weather days. After seeing that green Saltoff unit at a camping expo I came up with my own version.

Please note this building has whirlygig ventilation, a high ceiling in mezzanine level and I have put in Carbonmonoxide alarms to thwart any possible leaked as carbonmonoxide is a silent killer.

Still more to do yet. At this time it is running of shed pump which is far too strong for unit and I have to turn water pressure way down and the start up surge for such a large pump is a huge drain on solar batteries. I am now setting up 12 volt battery and pump that does 18 litres a minute.

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A year ago, I had the idea of adding a cupola to the garage, the least attractive  building on the property. Adding a cupola, punctuated by a wind vane, would significantly improve its appearance.

Cupola Idea Cupola Idea

Reasonably priced cupolas are available online, in several styles and sizes.  Costing between $200 and $850, they come complete with copper roof and wind vane.  I am sure there were not this many options available last year when I looked.  Not that it would matter, of course, because even the more expensive ones aren’t built exactly the way I’d like.  Besides, it’s more fun to build my own.

Plan from Handyman Magazine, 1999 Plan from Handyman Magazine, 1999

Handyman magazine publish an article about building a cupola in 1999, and I found a copy of the article online, with the plan.  The plan was simple and very close to what I imagined, so that became my starting point. It just needed a…

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I am letting mummy shar my electric blanket.

Under the covers

Jbs work in progress

Still some painting to be done but it is my favourite ‘Big eyed’ version of Jellybean so far.

My own Kokedama balls with white chrysanthemums. Started out with 2 plants in each a fortnight ago. I like the fact that the moss ,bought at Bunnings as a dry squashed block is starting to turn green. I wont hang them up till they flower.

Kokedama sm


I thoroughly enjoyed my trip, meeting and having coffee with 4 lycrarites.


It has just been so many bike events lately that I have been able to to let my recumbent trike and heart fly free so I have gotten behind with posting here.

This photo above was a day most events were cancelled  as there was huge down pours and flooding around South East Brisbane.

I stayed in and painted a big eyed version of Jellybean . I intend doing more.


Yesterday I had an adventure into the city River walk as once again that days organized ride was cancelled because of debris on the tracks we were to travel on.

Said hello to adorable Eddie and her lovely owners on the River walk Newstead area.

I love Shelties as I used to have them.


Enough for now. Will catch up more later.

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