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Me and The Moon Dragon 2

Did it myself. Needed the rack that was now obsolete off the ute as I now use a small fold up scooter that fits inside the cab. Couldnt find the keys and a lost shot to return to the garage that put it on 3 years ago. Sure enough the had them. So after some rolling on that long hay undoing bolts I used that tension wire to tie it to the tree, put the beast into 4 wheel drive and voila…..Rack separated, dropped on ground. How to put it out of the way can be sorted later, much later.


Saint Paddy’s day fun

The morning was spent at Church of Little Flowers Social Group playing scrabble and spotting unicorns.



Then later on I soaked up the atmosphere and a couple of Guinness at The Irish club.

The craic was fantastic.

mad irish funhat

What a great time.

The music hardly stopped and as for the Irish Pipe Band they were so soul stirring.

I hope to do it all over again next year.


Wonderful news as there is no coffee  or tea house anywhere near Bauple anymore.

There have been two previous owners of a coffee lounge there but that has been a chemist for several years so not sure exactly which building it will be in.

Wishing the new owners all the best.



Sitting having Devonshire tea watching the water dragons in the greenery beside a huge pond and fountains.



I love Atriums. Those toadstools made out of wood are so rustic looking.


What a splendid ceiling feature with that plant laden beam.


This place is only 5 k’s away from me but Sunday was my first visit. I triked up in the rain and bought to punnets of silver beet to grow. Silver beet is laden with vitamin K which helps you absorb vitamin D3.

I love go carts, kiting, bubble blowing and all those fun things. Just found this recipe for giant bubbles.

Giant Bubble recipe

http://pagingfunmums.com/2013/06/13/giant-bubble-recipe/  from that page.

Looking forward to trying it.

It’s a wet day thang!


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